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Meet the Trainer

About Danielle Hurley CPDT-KA, APDT

Growing up in Greensboro,
North Carolina, Danielle’s love of animals began
developing at an extremely early age.  One might
​have guessed her calling when as a toddler one of
her best friends was an African Ocelot. Once her
footing became more sure she spent a great part of
her youth rescuing and fostering not only dogs and
cats but all walks of the animal kingdom.  A pony
named “Cupcake,” a boa constrictor, an iguana, a ferret and even a
chicken were given second leases on life under her care and study.

Later in life her love of all animals and knowledge led her to star
in Animal Planet’s ‘King of The Jungle,” and found her hosting a
two hour Animal Planet Special on the endangered Black Sea Turtle.


​She also went on to work behind the camera in television
consulting, producing and writing on an Animal Planet series on
scent hounds and was an Exotic Animal Handler for a History Channel Series in Africa.

Danielle’s first love has always been dogs.  She has spent several years fostering and training dogs for the Los Angeles Golden Retriever Rescue. She volunteers and trains at the North Central Animal Shelter. She regularly visits area hospitals with her best friend Winston who is a Pet Partners Therapy Certified dog for complex environments.

Danielle has always immersed herself in learning everything and anything when it comes to canines and the complex relationship with their owners.  Her training includes education from legends, Terry Ryan, Dr. Ian Dunbar and Nicole Wilde. She is also a student of The Academy for Dog Trainers, generally acknowledged as the Harvard of the dog training world. Nothing makes her as satisfied as seeing a happy well adjusted dog and guardian who have learned how to communicate with each other. After years of training her own dogs, helping countless friends who have called on her for assistance with theirs, training for shelters and rescues, and professionally training part-time in between television productions she decided to make the leap toward her passion full time; teaching and training pet owners and their dogs. This was the beginning of Hurley's Ultimate Dogs.

Danielle has also earned recognition as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the CCPDT the most widely recognized and respected dog training certification worldwide and maintains her certification by attending many seminars and workshops during the year that focus on behavior and the most current methods of training of both dogs and humans.

Danielle uses the core principles of positive reinforcement along with the latest innovative techniques when training. Her teaching goals focus not just on the dog but working with the owner to arm them with the necessary information to work with and understand their four legged companion and foster a fulfilling relationship that will last a lifetime.

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